First blog post

Life simply amazes me with its daily hills and valleys…bumps and turns…tears of sorrow and of joy. To imagine a second chance is given with the arrival of a new day is a blessing in itself, and one not to throw away. Being thankful, ask for forgiveness, seek solace within nature or plan a meet-up with an old friend is promising; hopeful. Days can be carelessly wasted on regrets and/or grudges where daily do-overs may offer insight.

Consider a do-over being similar to eating different flavors of ice cream… willing to try a new flavor to make a difference through lending a hand, laughing at mistakes, saying yes to time consuming scenarios, love-on the pompous minded, hug a crying stranger, give away treasured items, and/or simply withhold retaliating conjectures.

Occasionally the intellect hears “it’s all relative”…yet truthfully, if honesty is a factor, ones conscience is dependent on decision making; a hopeful outcome.

Giving fearlessly holds no bounds, it’s limitlessness vowing no conditions, as returned expectations are withdrawn. Imagine…Gaining freedom through  our daily decisions.

This blog is an outlet for composition. By lending personal insight is only too humbling to share. I credit all past, present and future mishaps to the choices I make today. To say the least, mistakes have been awesome….they are like rising pillars, blocking the desired view until what is truly seen is YIELD.

Please consider any future blogs an effort to openness. I am not expecting applause, bravo, well done…or even criticism. Merely your additive of enlightenment will be giving enough by factoring your comments with the above mentioned theme.

Much appreciation to each reader!